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Mold Spores are everywhere on the planet.

Just add water and they will grow.

If at all practical, my method of choice for Professional Mold Remediation is Oxygen Therapy Systems™ Oxygen Therapy Treatment and a "Whole-House" Approach as recommended by


Oxygen Therapy Systems™ are extremely effective for Mold Remediation and Prevention. These systems are based on proven medical technologies and recommended for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Oxygen Therapy Systems™ use a multi-molecular oxygen (05, 06, 07) technology that oxidizes and kills mold spores and other airborne contaminants that can lead to unhealthy indoor environments.

How Does The "Whole House" Approach Work?

HBIA recommends A Whole-House or Whole Building approach to removing mold, bacteria, viruses and other IAQ Contaminants. Our primary mission is to detect and resolve the source of moisture and mold, sanitize the entire indoor environment and recommend preventive measure to avoid future mold outbreaks.

Many traditional remediation contractors only isolate and treat the areas with visual mold growth. However, as molds reproduce, hundreds of thousands of microscopic mold spores are distributed throughout the entire indoor environment. This can occur through the natural indoor air stream, as well as through any ventilation air ducts.

As we know, many mold spores can lie dormant for up to two years, though can continue to grow and reproduce once a moisture source becomes present. So, if a roof, appliance or plumbing leak occurs, or if indoor relative humidity goes above 50%, molds can continue to be a problem even after initial remediation efforts.

Additionally, some remediation contractors may decide to use chemicals as a means to treat indoor molds. However, chemicals can present negative impacts on not only the health of the building occupants, but can also contribute to Antimicrobial Resistant Molds.

This is the natural ability of all molds, bacteria and viruses adapting to their environment as a means of survival, including the use of chemicals.

Oxygen Therapy for Your Home

Oxygen Therapy Treatment is based on a proven medical technology known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology (HBOT). Many clinics around the world utilize hyperbaric chambers to sterilize wounds and promote healing by introducing the patient to medical grade oxygen under positive air pressure at about twice the normal level.

Oxygen Therapy Systems for your home use this same approach by creating a multi-molecular oxygen (05,06 and 07) combined with fresh outdoor air to completely sterilize the entire indoor environment under slight positive air pressure.

After the initial treatment, mold and moisture damaged materials are removed, the HVAC system and air ducts are cleaned and sanitized, then deep cleaning is performed throughout the structure utilizing HEPA filter vacuums and hand cleaning with a mild disinfectant. Additionally, deep rooted mold growth or staining is removed utilizing high pressure vapor cleaning.

The primary reason for using a "Whole House" approach is to ensure complete remediation of indoor mold and other contaminants. We are dealing with microscopic mold spores and airborne contaminants, therefore removing the visible mold growth is just a part of the process. Oxygen Therapy is a cost effective alternative to chemical use for sanitizing mold spores, bacteria and viruses throughout the entire home!

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